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Just a notice to all - several of us will be leaving shortly for Kansas in hopes of meeting with a prospective student and his family. Haller and I will be going as the official representatives of the school, and Forge will be on hand as well, namely to investigate the sources of some strange readings from the area (which may or may not be related to our task, but will be good to check out anyway). In addition to this, Kyle and Jan are coming to act as liasons for the student body.

We should not be gone long. We will be in contact by comms, as always.
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To all staff:

As you may know, Jennie and Marius have returned to the mansion. We located them in Monaco, along with Manuel and another mutant girl they had met along the way. The situation was more complicated than we originally suspected, and both Marius and Jennie are still unconscious and being checked over in the infirmary by Charles and Amelia. The fourth mutant returned with us as well - I will be updating everyone on their conditions as soon as I know any new information.

An incident report will be filed soon. Your discretion on this matter is much appreciated. Please direct any concerned students to me or Scott, as well as any questions of your own you might have.

Thank you.

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To all staff:

Jennie and Marius have been located in Monaco, along with Manuel de la Rocha and an as-of-yet unidentified possible mutant. They are still doing their best not to get caught, but the proof is there, and so are they.

I will be leaving tomorrow to investigate further - there is still not enough proof to assume anything, so it will merely be a trip on behalf of the school. I may ask several of you to accompany me if you are able. Please keep this to yourselves for now; I will inform you of any changes in the circumstances as soon as I know.
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To all staff, please be advised:

The new student, Kevin Ford, has come to the school under less-than-usual circumstances. From what we have been told by the authorities, he was responsible for the death of his father when his powers manifested.

I do not say this so that you will treat him any differently, of course, only to head off any awkward conversations that may arise from lack of knowledge. Kevin is a bright young man who will surely benefit from the guidance and stability he will find here, and I know each and every one of you will help contribute to that. Thank you, and if you have any further questions, please see Scott or myself.
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In case you noted the rather loud noise from Nathan's office this afternoon, here is the situation:

Nathan had a drug reaction, which led to a flareup in his powers while in his office. Marius was in the room and got caught in a feedback loop, which quickly built to an explosion. Haroun alerted the infirmary while Angelo stabilized the situation, and the medical team was on the scene in no time. Everyone's getting checked over in the infirmary and it seems no one is seriously hurt, so there is no need for alarm.

If students are concerned, please assure them everything is fine. Nathan's office will be repaired soon, and I don't think there will be any change in classes because of this. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.
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Moira? Madelyne? Hank is busy but he has stabilized Alison well enough to his taste. He estimates she should wake up sometimes this evening. He asks that you take over for now while he concentrates on Sarah fully.

Scott? Would you rather speak with Miles yourself? Or should I?


Apr. 8th, 2004 11:06 am
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I recall Henry making noises about yearbooks some time back. I believe it was Henry, anyway.

Nonetheless, we don't seem to have one. Or, we do not anymore. Why is that?

While I do not anticipate a student revolt on the matter any time soon, some of the older students might appriciate it. Of course, some of the other older students could start that revolt I mentioned. Or use them for rolling papers, perhaps. It would provide them some trappings of normalcy - and every little bit we can give them counts for something.

I realize that bringing this up is going to result in my becoming the staff member in charge of the project. Even if I think Pete or Jake would do a stellar job. Unless any of you want to volunteer, this post should probably serve more as notice that I will be seeking out student volunteers in a week or so.
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Not to seem overtly paranoid, but is anyone noticing we've been running low on telepaths?

Or is it just me?


Oct. 16th, 2003 11:56 pm
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Jono has popped his lid, and Paige is hurt. Betsy is as good as dead. I think we should get rid of this journal system, it's too much of a liability.

God, I want to scream, but I can't. I want to let go, but I must be responsible.

Right now, honestly, I don't know what to do.
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Scott, I must speak with you as soon as possible.

It seems we've allowed for certain individuals to take liberties with our trust.

Nathan, you're going to have to come up with a better reason for hiding your ineptitude. I'm not as forgiving as the others.

Now, as I've asked you ever so kindly before, where is Betsy?
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I'm willfully ignoring all the angst and turmoil here because my contributions would not be particularly helpful.

And because I won't give in to the temptation to squander what Jean gave us.

So, instead, I have a request: Emma, what can you tell me about the Hellfire club? Shaw, in particular, but everything -- their operations, their protocols, everything.

Most importantly -- how do you gain entry? How are members chosen?

Bad News

May. 14th, 2003 07:42 pm
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These 'situations' just keep happening. Spirits, who did I piss off to deserve a day like this?

We've run into even more trouble. USAF pilots marked the jet and fired on us; we got through, thanks to Jean... and Magneto.

Things just got seriously bad. Scott and the Professor are gone -- as in captured.

The jet isn't entirely operational. We're working on it. As soon as it's up and running, we're going out as a strike team to take them back, and make sure the people who started this are shut down.

I'm sorry; we just don't have any other choice. They have a Cerebro duplicate, and a way of forcing Charles to use it.

They also have the rest of the children.

I think you all understand how serious this is; Emma, Betsy, Hank... just tell the kids there's been a delay, and we'll be back eventually. Same rules as always apply. Tell Piotr, Kitty, and Sam the truth if you think they should know. Allie and Warren definitely should.

Don't worry about forming a secondary team. If we fail this one, you'd know... so we're not going to fail. Just keep on doing as planned; the sooner we have an operational mansion to come home to, though, the better.

Yes, this is bad. Pray for us.

The Mutant

May. 13th, 2003 10:03 pm
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We've got him.

He says his name is Kurt Wagner; doesn't remember making the attack at all. Jean didn't want to go into his mind, but she says he's not (consciously) lying to us. There's a very weird scar on the back of his neck... we may be looking at someone with the ability to control mutants.

We're bringing him in ASAP; Professor, can you be ready to do a mind-probe when we get back? I have a feeling this is pretty urgent.

Oh, and he's... blue. And has a tail. And is German. And an acrobat.

Really, he's very sweet. If he really was just set up, I think I want to barbecque whoever did this to him.
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Scott? Jean? We needing to start figuring out the logistics of the museum field trip. Yes, I know we've got plenty of time, but we've never run something like this with just the three of us and Charles before, and there are a lot more kis this year.

So -- how are we going to work this, aside from 'no powers'? It might be useful to pick older students as 'group leaders' to herd the young ones, but this is supposed to be fun.


-- Ororo.


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