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Good Morning,

In an attempt for some nearly belated holiday spirit I'd like to ask for some volunteers to be elves for a Secret Santa gift exchange for the New Mutants.

I'd like to get them interacting on a more individual level. Some seem to be splintering off into groups by themselves and I'd like to give them a chance to potentially interact with someone they might not interact with. Since it's a secret santa it'd be natural for them to wonder who theirs is so it'd probably get them talking to one another.

Any takers to be elves to maintain the secrecy?
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I did! *sing-song voice*

And given that it's me and the curse is probably five times as powerful under those circumstances, I think I deserve extra compliments.

Although I also think I addicted a number of our little darlings to climbing, which bears some thinking on. The Adirondacks are as great a place for rock climbing in the summer as they are for ice climbing in the winter.
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... but I think it's entirely possibly that a good portion of our student body has either gone insane, or is merely faking it (in a highly effective way) because they feel outdone by how many of us have, at various points, gone insane.

I find this very disturbing.

I don't think there's actually any discipline called for here... I'm not sure, mostly because I'm still busy being disturbed. I also have an appointment in town today (talking to parents of a would-be student) so I'm afraid that I'm just going to have to go and trust that the madness is not contagious and I will not find myself returning to Bizarro-Xavier's.

... well. Any more so than usual.


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