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I think the next time we have one of our darling children assault another, we should give them to Cain for the next calendar year and let him do what he wants. Cain, would you like that? Indentured minion? Because they keep doing it, and a good example that death would be preferable to the punishment for being so fucking stupid would be really helpful.

My head hurts. And I want to string Manuel and Kyle up by their toenails. Should have expelled the one and grounded the second forever. How fucking, fucking stupid... and now the Jones boy thinks he's our victim. Fucking wonderful. Really. It's like Manuel all over again.

Someone declare me unfit to be the headmaster for the next twenty-four hours so I don't do anything stupid, all right?

I'll be in the hangar talking to my plane.
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As we've discussed, Tommy's no longer in a condition to need or warrant his remaining down here in the medlab. We can manage his remaining physiotherapy just as well if he is rooming in the mansion proper and, with Maddie and Hank heading to off to distant shores, it would be very good to not have to worry for a while about the requirements of a live-in patient, even one who's not on the critical list anymore.

I've spoken with Tommy about it and he is by no means thrilled with the idea of living amongst us full time but is... willing. Particularly after the incident this afternoon when I took him out to see the proof of his mutation and we ran into a rather vile specimen of FoHumanity. Duncan Brooks, our good Police Chief Brooks' youngest son. Madelyn, from what little I could pick up from the boy's mind I fear your suspicions about the local police force may be spot on. At any rate, Duncan made it quite clear that if Tommy "dares" to leave the grounds again he will end up quite dead.

I know some of you have your reservations about housing him with the students, I have some of my own and certainly they are going to fuss (and more than), but it is abundantly clear that our guest is going to be around for a good while and he will be our student for a while as well, as he has no idea how to control his powers (and, incidentally, will, I think, do quite well with normal classwork as well). I still think that putting him, alone, into one of the 18+boy double suites is our best choice - we won't have to worry about any scuffles with a roommate and he'll be somewhat separated from the rest of the students without, I hope, this being seen as either a privilege or tacit approval of his bigotry as he will still be being housed in the dormitory rooms.
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Since I understand that Mr. Jones is now fully stable and could potentially be moved, if we decided to do so, I think it's time we decided one way or the other how far our responsibility to him extends.

I'll be upfront about this - I think he should stay. I've spoken to him, and if he leaves here without getting his head straightened out... not to be blunt, but he probably won't live very long, even setting aside what the police or his former friends might do to him. I'm not at all comfortable about the idea of writing off a kid, however despicable most of us find his beliefs, and that's precisely what we'd be doing. He's had no chance to learn any better, and I think this is probably the best and possibly the only opportunity anyone will have to try and change that.

If we take a step back and look at the situation, the fact is that we've taken in people with far more questionable pasts. That's not an issue. What we haven't done is taken in someone whose misdeeds have had a direct and negative impact on our students before he ever came under our care. Our kids are the forgiving kind - really impressively so, actually - but in other cases they've known and cared about the person before whatever happened happened. Thomas isn't going to have that working on his behalf. If he stays, we're going to have to be very alert to the reactions of the students who were involved with him before he came here, and be ready to talk to them ourselves and/or steer them to Charles.

The other question is whether or not he wants to stay, once he's healed. That'll take a while, from what I understand. But he is seventeen years old, and surprisingly arrogant still, for someone who's been through what he's been through - I'm not sure how much of that is defensive, mind you. He may want to take his chances, and the school's not a prison. Still, the other matter I haven't touched on yet is his powers. If he's got some sort of matter transmutation ability that's just now manifested, we need to do what we can to keep him here until it's properly under control. Public safety is a major consideration as well.

So, thoughts? This is going to take extra work and effort from all of us, and we may very well have to weather some serious - and perfectly justifiable - unhappiness from a number of our current students. But to me it comes down to the fact that Thomas's misfortune in being born into a family of bigots doesn't change us, or more precisely what we're here to do. It may very well blow up in our faces, I don't know, but I think we need to try.

If there are dissenting opinions, though, or issues I haven't taken into consideration, I want to hear them.


Oct. 4th, 2005 06:00 pm
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Mr. Jones woke up this afternoon from his coma. He is awake and aware, but still in no shape to leave the medlab - in addition to the broken bones which have not finished knitting, he is weak from the month he spent immobile. However, the question of what we're going to do with him when he can leave just became much more pressing...
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I'm thinking some supervision would be a good thing. Agreement? Disagreement? Volunteers?
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There was an incident at the fair with Terry and one of the Hitler FoH Youth morons we're all coming to know and love so very well. Incident. I love my own euphemisms at times. This particular charming specimen of baseline humanity decided he wanted to beat on the little mutant girl. Thankfully he didn't get very far.

Terry's a bit bruised, but she'll be fine; I sent her down to medlab to get checked over just to make sure. Bobby got there a minute or two before I did and used his powers to put a stop to things, then got Terry back to the car while I handled the little shit and his friend. No, I did not do anything to them, but I was sorely tempted.

The rest of the kids are fine - they were a bit disgruntled that the day ended early but I thought it was better to get everyone rounded up and safely home. No property damage, either, and I made sure no one noticed what happened. All in all it was a very quiet and intimate almost-hate-crime.

These two FoH kids... I feel like my brain needs a shower. I swear one of them had the basic intelligence level of a toaster. Both of them were nauseating. Hateful, twisted, sad little minds with all the ethical maturity of three year-olds.


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