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Now that the all-clear has been tentatively given, I'm back. Jennie and Marius are as well, the weekend passed without incident, which I think somehow means the two of them deserve a medal. I'll get to work on reconfiguring new phones for everyone who lost theirs.

By the way, what exactly is school protocol for notifying parents about these situations?
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Well, it looks like our "married" couple are finally getting some rest. With each other. Oh pull your minds out of the gutter, Jennie is just sleeping on Marius's floor. Just figured I'd make a post here so no one would worry if they went by Jennie's room and didn't find her. They both look like they're finally getting some peaceful sleep. I think I may go do the same.
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Okay. I just finished up with Jennie, and the professor's wrapping up with Kyle.

The kids should be okay. There were no major complications, at least of the brain sort. We're not sure yet, but if we're really lucky they may get out of this without a lot of conscious memories. I have a bad feeling they're going to be looking at some nightmares, though. Marie, could you and Dani keep an eye on them? And their suitemates? You can send them to me or Charles, too. It's just something to watch out for in the next couple weeks.

I need to call some parents and go compare notes with Dr. Samson. Could somebody relay this to Nate and Moira so Nate doesn't have an excuse to check his computer on his anniversary, please?
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Going to check something with Pete. Will call if it pans out.
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All right. I need help. The kids' morale right now is . . . not so good. I mean, Angelo had to talk Yvette out from under her bed the other day. That sums up the atmosphere pretty well.

We need to do something for them, but I don't know what. Keeping them informed helps, but it only does so much. Especially when we don't have much to pass on. They need a distraction. Not "don't pretend this isn't happening," but "this is what's going on, but we're in it together." Something to do with themselves and their teachers besides sit and wait.

Does anyone have any ideas? Anything?

All right.

May. 8th, 2007 07:38 pm
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Reactions to our missing trio are obviously taking hold among the students - anyone noticing anything needing attention? The ones who really need to talk are rarely the ones who do, after all.
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Three panic buttons hit, within five seconds of each other. Kyle, Marius, and Jennie. Phones are offline, but I'm transmitting the last coordinates from their GPS to the communication server and the Blackbird.

Go, already!


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