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Now that Dr. Voght and I have completed our examinations of Jennie and Marius, I think I may safely draw a few conclusions regarding what happened to them in Europe and what ought to happen now. I know many of you have been concerned, and moreover have been fielding questions from their friends without adequate information; hopefully I will be able to remedy the lack.

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To all staff:

As you may know, Jennie and Marius have returned to the mansion. We located them in Monaco, along with Manuel and another mutant girl they had met along the way. The situation was more complicated than we originally suspected, and both Marius and Jennie are still unconscious and being checked over in the infirmary by Charles and Amelia. The fourth mutant returned with us as well - I will be updating everyone on their conditions as soon as I know any new information.

An incident report will be filed soon. Your discretion on this matter is much appreciated. Please direct any concerned students to me or Scott, as well as any questions of your own you might have.

Thank you.

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To all staff:

Jennie and Marius have been located in Monaco, along with Manuel de la Rocha and an as-of-yet unidentified possible mutant. They are still doing their best not to get caught, but the proof is there, and so are they.

I will be leaving tomorrow to investigate further - there is still not enough proof to assume anything, so it will merely be a trip on behalf of the school. I may ask several of you to accompany me if you are able. Please keep this to yourselves for now; I will inform you of any changes in the circumstances as soon as I know.
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... in case you're getting questions, which I suppose is more likely now that we've started term and people are going to be noticing that Jennie isn't here. Unfortunately, we still don't have any idea where she is. Charles is continuing to tap every contact that he has, and Sean is still talking to his old Interpol friends. They're still looking into it over at Snow Valley, too; I understand Wanda in particular is following up on a few things and may have more details for us soon.

I wish there was more to tell you. Hopefully there will be, sooner rather than later. If you run into any students who appear particularly anxious, send them to myself or Charles or Ororo if you think that's necessary.


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