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Charles asked me to post about this, I guess since I was the one who caught them at it. Anyway. With all of the adult telepaths in the house either unconscious or incapacitated last week, the Stepfords figured they had to handle what was going on themselves. Except instead of acting out they decided to create a telepathic avatar out of all their "bad thoughts". It took the shape of another Stepford calling herself Mindee. Awfully good telepathic projection, too - I think we tend to forget the fact that individually the Stepfords are strong telepaths and there are four of them. They created her out of some attempt to clear their minds, but she sort of took on a life of her own. I know the Stepfords have never been particularly social, but she kind of takes that to the nth degree.

Charles is handling it, but I doubt it's something that's going to get fixed overnight.
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Except for the remaining paperwork, of course. It should be ready tomorrow; I suppose the DA in Georgia had no particular reason to be quick about preparing it. They've scheduled a pro forma hearing for tomorrow, so presuming everything's in order I should be able to bring Kevin home afterwards.

I won't say he's in good spirits, but he's tough. Had to be, I think, to pick himself and go on in the first place, after what happened to his father. I'll discuss the details of the situation with those who need to know it. Part of the arrangement are certain responsibilities that fall on our shoulders.

I think I may head to Harry's tonight and try to forget why I was stupid enough to get a law degree in the first place.
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I'm heading to Israel tonight - liable to be gone for a few days at least. I'll probably be in and out a fair bit over the next couple of weeks. Got a conference coming up in DC, plus a possible trip. To Mongolia. Yes, I know. But there's a limit to how much trouble I can find in the Gobi Desert, so you can all shut up.

In fact, yes, I think I will make sure I wind up in the Gobi desert. Where there's no such thing as an internet connection. Would be infinitely preferable to reading some of the crap that takes place on these journals lately.

Okay then.

Mar. 19th, 2007 03:45 pm
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Glad I brought my laptop. So. Kurt was teleporting out to meet me at Arlington and wound up in the Potomac. He's currently soggy, aggrieved, and more than a little bewildered. I think I'll make sure he comes back on the train with me. This is a good idea, yes?

I'm beginning to think neither of us should have been let out of the house today. I walked into a door at Union Station.
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But I'm going to teach my Russian class today, drive Angelo to the airport, and then catch a flight myself as soon as I can tomorrow. My schedule is clear of class committments tomorrow and Friday, and I've just spent forty minutes tendering my regrets to a few meetings I was supposed to be attending in the city.

I've just been pushing things a little too far these last couple of weeks, I think. I feel like shit warmed over, and the only way I'm going to make sure I get a few days of rest is to go to Muir where there's really not much I can do except play with my daughter. Besides, Moira's threatening to divorce me if she has to give me one more "This is not the way you recover from pneumonia" speech, and I think she might be serious.

So I'll be back in plenty of time to teach on Monday, but otherwise unavailable except in case of armageddon. Have a good weekend, everyone.
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I did! *sing-song voice*

And given that it's me and the curse is probably five times as powerful under those circumstances, I think I deserve extra compliments.

Although I also think I addicted a number of our little darlings to climbing, which bears some thinking on. The Adirondacks are as great a place for rock climbing in the summer as they are for ice climbing in the winter.
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I need to be in Mexico tomorrow, to meet with a prospective new student. The son of an old friend of mine has just manifested with what would appear to be seismic abilities. Particularly traumatic manifestation, too. If anyone's seen coverage on the news of an earthquake in Guadalajara... well, that was Julio.

I'm going to fly down commercial first thing in the morning. It would be better if it was just me approaching in a discreet fashion, at first. Luis is an old friend, but he's not involved with the nicest people, to be all euphemistic about it. They're not-nice people with whom I have a certain reputation, however, so I shouldn't have any problems.

If he agrees to come to the school, a Blackbird pick-up would probably be best. I'll keep in touch.
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In case you noted the rather loud noise from Nathan's office this afternoon, here is the situation:

Nathan had a drug reaction, which led to a flareup in his powers while in his office. Marius was in the room and got caught in a feedback loop, which quickly built to an explosion. Haroun alerted the infirmary while Angelo stabilized the situation, and the medical team was on the scene in no time. Everyone's getting checked over in the infirmary and it seems no one is seriously hurt, so there is no need for alarm.

If students are concerned, please assure them everything is fine. Nathan's office will be repaired soon, and I don't think there will be any change in classes because of this. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.
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Especially given how my last field trip went.

But here's the idea. I imagine that most of you know that the G8 summit in Seattle at the beginning of November has "the mutant question" on the agenda; it's been flagged in the database for the last several weeks, after all. In any case, I've gotten my hands on some schedules that haven't been released for public consumption yet - the new job is good for all kinds of things - and there are going to be a large number of NGOs and other groups interested in mutant affairs there making presentations to the summit at various events. That's not even touching upon the 'unofficial' events.

I think it would be very educational for a number of our kids, especially those with political leanings, to see just how these things work - or don't work, depending on how cynical you're feeling. I have actually been to a large number of summit-type occasions myself, and no, you don't want to know the details.

So, thoughts? It would be for a couple of days, tops, and really, I think the kids could use a break after the last couple of weeks of lockdown.

Of course, I would need chaperones. Lots and lots of chaperones.
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She knew what she was doing. This wasn't something done in panic, although it's clear to me that she didn't stop to think about the possibility of one or both of the babies being down there - she was flustered when I brought it up and didn't cover well.

There's nothing defensive about her attitude; I only wish there was. But she believes she did the right thing, and that we're only objecting because it's Remy and we don't value his life.

I don't know what to say.

Except that I think she should be expelled, as soon as we find someplace safe to send her. Back to Romany would be my suggestion.
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There are not one but two babies who are very often attempting to sleep up here on the third floor. And one of them is telepathic.

Now, you'll all excuse me while I go ponder the concept of a telepathically-triggered mute button.
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Yeah. You read that right. Me. Acting oddly. That should be easy to spot, no? It's not as if I regularly speak in a language that won't be invented for two thousand years. Or walk into walls when I'm distracted by seeing the future. Or turn completely psychotic if anyone waves a chocolate bar under my nose.

We're not asking a lot, oh, no...
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There was an incident at the fair with Terry and one of the Hitler FoH Youth morons we're all coming to know and love so very well. Incident. I love my own euphemisms at times. This particular charming specimen of baseline humanity decided he wanted to beat on the little mutant girl. Thankfully he didn't get very far.

Terry's a bit bruised, but she'll be fine; I sent her down to medlab to get checked over just to make sure. Bobby got there a minute or two before I did and used his powers to put a stop to things, then got Terry back to the car while I handled the little shit and his friend. No, I did not do anything to them, but I was sorely tempted.

The rest of the kids are fine - they were a bit disgruntled that the day ended early but I thought it was better to get everyone rounded up and safely home. No property damage, either, and I made sure no one noticed what happened. All in all it was a very quiet and intimate almost-hate-crime.

These two FoH kids... I feel like my brain needs a shower. I swear one of them had the basic intelligence level of a toaster. Both of them were nauseating. Hateful, twisted, sad little minds with all the ethical maturity of three year-olds.
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So I'm going to do my part in the cause of open communication here. Succinctly put, Charles has asked me to assist him with Manuel's training. Charles will continue to be in charge of the whole enterprise, of course, and will continue to work with Manuel on theory and ethics in particular. What I'll be doing is working with him on the active side of his power, to give him the opportunity to practice. Shielding is only one side of the coin, after all, and there are a number of reasons why I'm suited to do this.

Firstly, the training I've received from the Askani will allow me to act as my own spotter. I can wall off a portion of my mind so that Manuel can't affect it, and if anything goes wrong while he's practicing projection, that part of me can react quickly to head the situation off at the pass. Also, having that training and being a telepath myself, I'll be able to avoid or at least recover a lot more quickly from any of the lingering side effects that a headblind person would suffer.

I know a number of you probably have doubts about the wisdom of doing this, and there are probably a few of you who wonder why the hell I'm back doing it, of all the potential candidates. All I can say on the latter is that I'm not the same person I was last summer while I was working with Manuel. My level of training and self-confidence is much higher, and I trust that we all realize Charles wouldn't have asked me to do this if he wasn't convinced that I'd completely conquered my phobia about empaths. Which I have.

As for the former, we can't leave him half-trained simply because we're afraid of what he might do with his abilities. The threats he was tossing around last week aside, he's come a long way from the young man I dealt with last summer. He knows he's misused his abilities in the past and he's suffered the consequences of that. If we offer him a way forward he'll be more likely to want to do it right. More likely to trust us.

I'm not afraid of doing this - I believe it should be done - and I'm not afraid of him. In the end, my conscience is clear.
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I'm heading out of town this afternoon, once my morning classes are done. I should be back either late tonight or tomorrow morning, depending.
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Just to check on Pete. I imagine he just needs a little time, but I'd rather make sure.
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Or maybe it's just the precognitive hangover. Either way, I didn't find this latest prank particularly funny.

Practicing pop psychology via hair dye. What on earth are the little darlings going to come up with next?
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So Moira and I should be heading home tomorrow. You know, barring further attacks by psychotic ex-husbands, mad geneticists, or other assorted unpleasant visitors. Actually, scratch that. Why don't I just say that we're planning to be back tomorrow but will probably get sidetracked by something nasty. Because that's just what happens, isn't it? Inevitably and inexorably, and all those other infuriating i-words.

If this is vacation, I shudder to think of what the new term is going to be like.
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I appear to be a more or less fully functional precog again. (Yes, that's actually the good news. Just call me our latest example of how burning out a mutant power doesn't mean it's gone forever.) This is not, however, my precognition as I knew it before May. Charles' theory is that since the Askani are here and my connection to them in the future is broken, my precognition is free to function as it should have all along. Thus, hopefully no nasty side effects like blackouts and cardiac arrest. Actually, right now, I feel kind of good. Balanced, in a way I haven't for the better part of two years. It is however going to take me a lot of study and experimentation to figure out how to use it in any sort of productive way. Like I said, this is pretty new for me.

Bad news is, this doesn't mean I can 'fix' Marie-Ange. Now that Charles has two precogs to compare, he's established that her ability and mine are polar opposites. Hers, as we're all pretty much aware, is comparatively short-term, focused on the people around her, heightened by emotional ties, and manifests in a visual and symbolic way. My precog in its 'natural' form, based on the tests and scans Charles did this afternoon, appears to be long-term, event-based, abstract, and is triggered by patterns in information and that sort of thing.

This is one of the reasons, apparently, why the meditation I've been doing with her for all this time has only helped in the most general sort of way. What works for me is not necessarily going to be any kind of fit for her. Our abilities don't just manifest differently, they function differently. Right down to the parts of the brain that are involved, according to Charles. He has a lot of new data after having gotten a good look at me this afternoon, but no solution for Angie has presented itself just yet.

This certainly doesn't mean we've given up. I did manage to help her a little last night, but that was telepathic intervention (although apparently the mental contact with her over the past few days was probably what fired my precog back up). Her visions are less horrific now than they were, but she still has no way to filter. It's an improvement, but as I said, we're still looking for the 'fix', and very much open to suggestions.
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Given that I was the one there when it happened. Marie-Ange has had some sort of... breakdown, for lack of a better word, related to her precognition. It's somewhat similar to the last incident, although she was less dazed this time and more... confrontational and violent. I took her down to the medlab and she's there under sedation.

I'm really not sure what happened, whether she's just not been sleeping or if it's something more serious. I tried to calm her down telepathically and something happened. Our powers interacted somehow... I was getting lights in my peripheral vision like I was back when my precognition was still there.

I'm in way over my head here, folks. I really don't know what to do next and the whole thing seems to have thrown the Askani for a loop, too. Nothing they're telling me makes any sense.


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